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Bretton Woods 2.0 Fellowship feature: Sienna Nordquist & Joel Christoph

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    A CONVERSATION WITH MOROCCO'S NADIA FETTAH ALAOUI & CITI'S EBRU PAKCAN - Morocco's Finance Minister Nadia Fettah Alaoui and Citi's Ebru Pakcan, discuss economic opportunities and challenges for Morocco and the wider MENA region considering the global economic slowdown, persistent inflation, and e...

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    THE BRETTON WOODS INSTITUTIONS UNDER GEOPOLITICAL FRAGMENTATION - We discuss the release of Martin Muhleisen's report, "The Bretton Woods Institutions in an Era of Geopolitical Fragmentation."

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 10/11/2023

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    WHAT TO DO WITH RUSSIA’S BLOCKED ASSETS - Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, G7 countries imposed sanctions on Russia's reserves and blocked its assets. But can and should those assets be seized? The panelists discuss options and their implications.

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