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  • So what’s the strategy for NATO?

    In part one of this special episode of “So What’s the Strategy?” as host Matthew Kroenig dives into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s effectiveness and strategic posture. Featuring insights from Dr. Benedetta Berti, the Head of Policy Planning in the Office of the Secretary General at NATO...

  • Jenna Ben-Yehuda’s main takeaways from the 2024 NATO Summit

    JENNA BEN-YEHUDA’S MAIN TAKEAWAYS FROM THE 2024 NATO SUMMIT - Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Jenna Ben-Yehuda breaks down the main takeaways from the 75th NATO Summit and NATO Public Forum. She analyzes the “strengthened approach” the allies took on Ukraine, the alliance’s language tow...

  • Atlantic Council at the Washington NATO Summit

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    Follow our coverage of the 2024 NATO Summit and NATO Public Forum

  • Outcomes and the path forward to Ukraine’s NATO membership

    BEYOND THE SUMMIT: OUTCOMES AND THE PATH FORWARD TO UKRAINE’S NATO MEMBERSHIP - This month’s NATO Summit was a historic one, marking seventy-five years for the Alliance that is currently faced with unprecedented challenges threatening democracy and stability across the globe. Bolstered by the new...

  • Exploring the myths, misconceptions and dangers of AI

    EXPLORING THE MYTHS, MISCONCEPTIONS AND DANGERS OF AI - Are you curious about AI's capabilities, its potential dangers, or simply want to understand how it works?

    Philip L. Frana, associate professor of interdisciplinary liberal studies and independent scholars at James Madison University, delv...

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  • 2024 Distinguished Leadership Awards

    At this year’s Atlantic Council Distinguished Leadership Awards, we honored leaders who embody the pillars of the transatlantic relationship with an event that has been described as the ‘Washington Oscars.’

    Dive deeper into coverage of the event and tune in to our broadcast premiere on May 16 at...