African Creatives Spotlight Series

African Creatives Spotlight Series

The Africa Center’s African Creatives Spotlight Series aims to highlight creative industries on the continent by showcasing artists who are driving positive change during unprecedented challenges such as health and migration crises, economic uncertainty, and a changing climate. The episodes—by capturing the creative processes and community impact of musicians, photographers, fashion designers, dancers, filmmakers, and more—aim to redefine dominant narratives about Africa, direct investment toward local communities, and demonstrate the boundless potential of African creativity.

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African Creatives Spotlight Series
  • Elroy Fillis-Bell showcases the impact of dance across the continent

    Meet Elroy Fillis-Bell, the innovative South African chief executive officer of Joburg Ballet Company.

    Fillis-Bell has committed himself to advocating for artists and championing the importance of the arts to South Africa and the global community. He has done so in various ways, from building a...

  • Trailblazer Laureen Kouassi-Olsson invests in Africa's heritage fashion brands

    Meet Laureen Kouassi-Olsson, a trailblazing Franco-Ivorian executive with over a decade of experience investing in private companies and financial institutions on the African continent.

    Throughout her career, she has helped unlock capital flows and financial opportunities across Africa's privat...

  • Nigerien designer Alphadi spotlights African fashion on the world-stage

    Meet Alphadi. Born in Timbuktu, Mali, and raised in Niger, Alphadi was apprenticed in couture as a child. His work has brought global attention to African textiles, histories, and artistry. Over the course of his career, he has opened several boutiques across the world, including in Morocco, the ...

  • US Congressman John James: African artists are taking center stage

    There’s a new group of artists at center stage across the globe, according to US Congressman John James (R-MI).

    That group is comprised of African creators in arts, design, fashion, music, and more, James explained, arguing that the group has a “vital role” to play in the African continent’s fu...

  • Grammy-winning musician Mohombi inspires youth in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Meet Mohombi, a multi-talented Congolese artist using his musical gifts to inspire youth and build creative infrastructure in Africa. Born in Kinshasa, Mohombi began sharing his passion for singing, dancing, and writing at a young age. Despite his humble beginnings, he's awed by the impact his mu...