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Arab Barometer and perceptions of China in MENA

The China-MENA Podcast

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  • China-Israel Relations

    The fact that Middle Eastern countries' relationships with China are complicated has been a recurring theme throughout this show. Nothing is as simple as the headlines would have us believe. The Sino-Israeli relationship is particularly complex. Dense economic ties must be balanced against Israel...

  • China-Global South Relations

    China has made significant inroads into much of the global south, a trend that does not always receive adequate attention in the West. China’s image in those countries has deteriorated in recent years, and there appears to be an assumption that this is universal. However, polling data from Africa...

  • China's Vision for a New World Order

    China's rise to power has led to discussions about whether the country will support or try to change the current international system. China has both supported and been dissatisfied with certain aspects of the system, demonstrating a preference for a Chinese-led global order via the Belt and Road...