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    A CONVERSATION WITH STEPHEN J. HADLEY | HAND-OFF: THE FOREIGN POLICY GEORGE W. BUSH PASSED TO BARACK OBAMA - Over the past two years, former national security advisor Stephen J. Hadley has spearheaded a project to make accessible a collection of nearly thirty previously classified transition memo...

  • Future of NATO C4ISR

    REPORT LAUNCH: THE FUTURE OF NATO C4ISR - C4ISR, which stands for Command and Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, is referred to as the nervous system of the military and is crucial to any mission. As the war in Ukraine has shown, the relevance of su...

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    HOW FREE MARKETS SHAPE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT - One of the defining questions of our time is whether free markets or economies controlled by authoritarian regimes are better at delivering prosperity for their people.

    A panel of distinguished experts held a discussion on free markets and development ...