Global Energy Forum

Global Energy Forum

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The Atlantic Council Global Energy Forum convenes the world’s top energy and foreign policy decision makers annually to set the global energy agenda for the year ahead and examine the longer-term geopolitical and geo-economic implications of the changing energy system.

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Global Energy Forum
  • Fred Kempe opens the Atlantic Council's 2023 Global Energy Forum live from Dubai

    Episode 1

    Live from Dubai, watch Fred Kempe open the Global Energy Forum at #COP28, where top energy and foreign policy decision makers meet to set the global energy agenda for the year ahead.

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/05/23

  • Leadership conversation - COP28: A critical global crossroads

    Episode 2

    COP28 represents a crossroads, where the credibility of efforts to address global emissions is at stake. Nonetheless, there is reason for great optimism. More countries are increasing ambition and implementing policy to sway the private sector towards decarbonization. In this opening leadership c...

  • Catalyzing energy deployment in emerging markets

    Episode 3

    Enabling the energy transition in emerging markets requires the mobilization of substantial capital to meet both climate and development goals. Private and public stakeholders must work together to develop innovative financial structures and enabling policies, providing a constructive environment...

  • Keynote: John Kerry on an inclusive fusion energy future

    Episode 4

    The future is fusion. Live from the Global Energy Forum at COP28, watch Climate Envoy John Kerry deliver keynote remarks on an inclusive fusion energy future.

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/05/23

  • An Inclusive Energy Future

    Episode 5

    At this event, the US will announce an inclusive international-partnership strategy and invitation for engagement to advance a common, bold vision for commercial fusion energy. Fusion energy holds the promise to be an abundant, safe, and reliable source of clean energy that can help the world mee...

  • Fireside chat: EU Commissioner, Kadri Simson

    Episode 6

    Live from the Global Energy Forum at COP28, watch EU Commissioner for Energy Kadri Simson talk with Akshat Rathi.

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/05/23

  • Keynote: H.E. Leila Benali

    Episode 7

    A keynote address from Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, Kingdom of Morocco, H.E. Leila Benali,

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/05/23

  • Energy Systems of the future

    Episode 8

    The world is seeing historic levels of investment in the energy transition—but commitments are not yet enough to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Nonetheless, market advancements in hydrogen, energy storage, electric vehicles, nuclear technologies, AI, and more show promise in helping countries ...

  • Leadership conversation: Net zero producers forum

    Episode 9

    As the energy transition accelerates, it is necessary for oil and gas producing economies to articulate a credible pathway to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. The Net-Zero Producers Forum, a cooperative government effort of six oil and gas producing countries, is an initiative designed...

  • Addressing Emissions in Oil and Gas: A Net-Zero Imperative

    Episode 10

    Including the oil and gas industry in the global dialogue around climate mitigation is prudent, as the sector must decrease its operations’ emissions intensity on the road to net zero. To ensure success on this front, the Global Decarbonization Alliance, an initiative of the COP28 presidency, wil...

  • Welcome remarks | Day 2 - Global Energy Forum at COP28

    Episode 11

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/07/23

  • Fireside chat - Global connectivity as an enabler of the energy transition

    Episode 12

    Live from the ACEnergyForum at COP28, Amos Hochstein joins Fred Kempe for a discussion about global connectivity as an enabler of the energy transition
    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/07/23

  • Fireside chat with Musabbeh Al Kaabi

    Episode 13

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/07/23

  • Meeting the 2030 moment: Raising ambition for clean power deployment

    Episode 14

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/07/23

  • Technological pathways to accelerate decarbonization goals

    Episode 15

    Global Energy Forum at COP28 - The suite of technologies available to abate emissions from the energy system is expansive, but there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The deployment of technologies and their timelines will depend on business models, the clearing of bureaucratic roadblocks, and na...

  • Financing the energy transition in emerging markets and developing economies

    Episode 16

    Global Energy Forum at COP28 - Mobilizing private investment through blended finance is crucial for accelerating the energy transition in emerging markets and developing economies. Existing multilateral institutions have shown promise in delivering necessary reforms to do so, but calls for new fi...

  • Voices of the Global South: Energy security and economic opportunity

    Episode 17

    Global Energy Forum at COP28 - Recent disruptions in global energy markets have added momentum to the pace of the energy transition. Yet, it has become clear that a North-South divide in transition priorities and strategies has emerged. Many developing countries are prioritizing energy security a...

  • De-risking, decoupling, and the consequences for net zero

    Episode 18

    Global Energy Forum at COP28 - As the world pursues a net-zero energy system, geopolitics are dividing the global economy into rival camps. Relations between the United States and China continue to sour, introducing ruptures to clean energy supply chains. Meanwhile, sanctions against Russia are c...

  • Leadership conversation with Ukrainian Minister of Energy German Galushchenko

    Episode 19

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: 12/07/23

  • Forging a united energy security front ahead of Europe’s second winter of war

    Episode 20

    Global Energy Forum at COP28 - Europe succeeded at securing sufficient energy supplies through last winter in the face of Russia’s weaponization of natural gas, but at significant cost. Now, the continent faces a new challenge for the upcoming winter as the fog of the pandemic clears and global d...