AfriNEXT Connections

AfriNEXT Connections

Dive into the vibrant world of African successes and innovation with AfriNEXT Connections. Drawing from the valuable insights shared by high-level experts and innovators at the AfriNEXT conference, hosted in Washington, DC, in December by the Atlantic Council and global development company DAI. Experts from the region make a compelling case for investing in African markets, and share the importance of aligning investments with local contexts. They also share perspectives on the future of the African continent, highlighting the pivotal role of its youth, the transformative impact of digitalization, and the challenges presented by climate change.

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AfriNEXT Connections
  • AfriNEXT Connections: Exploring the future of African agribusiness

    AFRINEXT CONNECTIONS: EXPLORING THE FUTURE OF AFRICAN AGRIBUSINESS - Benjamin Gyan-Kesse, Executive Director of Kosmos Innovation Center, shares his personal journey working within Africa’s agricultural sector, and the pivotal role agriculture plays in the continent’s development.

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  • AfriNEXT Connections: Unpacking Africa’s investment landscape

    AFRINEXT CONNECTIONS: UNPACKING AFRICA’S INVESTMENT LANDSCAPE - Fireball Capital CEO Paula Mokwena and the Head of Investments, Justin James, discuss the major opportunities in venture capital in Africa and what startup companies in the region are seeking from investors.

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  • AfriNEXT Connections: The role of gaming in promoting peace and entrepreneurship

    AFRINEXT CONNECTIONS: THE ROLE OF GAMING IN PROMOTING PEACE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Junub Games CEO Lual Mayen engages in a conversation with Voice of America journalist Jackson M'vunganyi. They explore the transformative influence of gaming in fostering peace and entrepreneurship in the digital a...

  • AfriNEXT Connections: Navigating Africa’s digital transformation

    AFRINEXT CONNECTIONS: NAVIGATING AFRICA’S DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION AND EMPOWERING YOUTH - Moussa Kondo, Executive Director of Sahel Institute, delves into the impact and key challenges of Africa’s digital transformation in the communities where he works, along with his vision for the next generatio...

  • AfriNEXT Connections: Africa's workforce development and women entrepreneurs

    AFRINEXT CONNECTIONS: AFRICA'S WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT AND WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS - Rebecca Harrison, CEO of the African Management Institute, explores the transformation of workforce dynamics and emphasizes the significance of empowering women-led businesses throughout Africa.

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